Stomp & Roar Your Way to Victory!

Long ago, in the world of SERVOS and Monsters...

For Eons, Monsters and SERVOS served side-by-side, protecting their home world from planetary invaders. During a long stretch of peace, the Monsters decided to retire to their cave for some much-needed rest; protecting an entire planet was tiring work after all. So, the monsters fell into hibernation while the SERVOs watched over them. However, something went wrong: they overslept.

The years slipped by, and soon even the SERVOs started powering down. The planet was left unguarded...

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Meet Your Monsters!

Frankie Forearms

Fast and furious: He lets his fists do the talking!
A short-tempered powerhouse, Frankie is a force to be reckoned with. When he gets angry, his fists fly with fast and furious might. Always looking for a good fight, Frankie jumped at the chance to help the SERVOs smash any planetary invaders. Frankie isn't the friendliest or most cooperative Monster, but when things get rough, he pulls through as a team player.

Brimm Stone

LEGENDARY FLYING MONSTER: Master of the burning world beneath him!
Even for an ancient Monster, Brimm Stone is practically prehistoric. One of the oldest and most powerful Monsters in existence, Brimm lives his life in an infinite cycle; being reborn as a small whelp before growing into an unstoppable fiery harbinger of fiery doom and destruction. Luckily, he's on our side... we think.


Air-born trickster: Creates all sorts of gooey traps!
Who is Flutterspy-042? What does the 042 stand for? Are there more of him… her… it? Other Monsters aren't really aware of these answers themselves, but they do know one thing: Flutterspy-042 is a lean mean green flying destruction machine. 042 considers itself a part of a collective "hive mind," so there may be more like it out there. Maybe. Perhaps. Probably not.

What the Creeplings are Saying

"Fun city wrecker Addictive game, fun and brings back some good memories of rampage"

"Fun and Unique Concept It is sort of like you mix MOBA style skills with a city rampage and upgrades."